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-*How do I output xqdoc from commandline ?*
+*How do I output xqdoc markup from commandline ?*
To see the original underlying xqdoc output from the commandline,
-invoke the following command, setting the -f switch to raw.
+invoke the following command, setting the -f switch to xqdoc.
xquerydoc -x /some/directory/with/xquery/ -o /desired/output -f xqdoc
+*How do I output raw parser output from commandline ?*
+The output from the parser can be generated using the raw format
+xquerydoc -x /some/directory/with/xquery/ -o /desired/output -f raw
*Why a pure XQuery v1.0 implementation ?*
This means you can generate api level documentation using just XQuery
! Need we say more ?
-*Why use XML Calabash XProc ?*
+*Why use XML Calabash XProc and Java ?*
As we are applying an XQuery process and an XSLT process on a set of
xquery documents it seemed like a good match for the commandline
invokation. You can of course use the XQuery v1.0 libraries without
XProc but you will need to apply XSLT stylesheets using your own
processors capabilities.
+Using XProc means we use Java, which has good cross platform
+characteristics effectively requiring us to maintain a single version
+of the commandline.
*xquerydoc does not seem to parse correctly !*
We are very interested in parsing as correctly as possible so please

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