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readme tweaks, removed top level ml stuff

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commit fb2d9abf80a8f76e6ced100df3588cc4c6714fe6 1 parent ce6ec09
@xquery authored
@@ -3,12 +3,6 @@
Parses xqDoc comments from your xquery and generates a set of API
level documentation implemented in pure XQuery v1.0.
-The following versions of XQuery are supported.
- * XQuery v1.0
- * XQuery 1.0-ml
- * XQuery v3.0
xquerydoc commandline uses XMLCalabash (which ships with Saxon) though
as xquerydoc is implemented in pure XQuery v1.0 you may also invoke
from most XQuery processors (Saxon, MarkLogic, XQilla, eXist ...).
@@ -32,6 +26,14 @@ xquerydoc can be invoked directly from any XQuery v1.0 compliant
processor but you will have to take care of applying styling to xqDoc
+If you intend to use xquerydoc from the commandline I would recommend
+generating a symlink to the xquerydoc bash script
+ln -s /wherever/you/put/xquerydoc/bin/xquerydoc /usr/local/bin/xquerydoc
There are several ways to use xquerydoc.
@@ -257,6 +259,17 @@ The build process is not included in the distro currently.
We are very interested in parsing as correctly as possible so please
submit issue to
+*Doesn't work on windows!"
+The commandline scripts have been written with unix/linux/osx in mind
+but xquerydoc can be invoked by any XQuery v1.0 compliant processor.
+As the commandline scripts are just a wrapper around an XProc pipeline
+you should be able to easily work out invoking XML Calabash.
+Otherwise very happy to review pull requests and patch any windows
+support but I am not setup to test for this platform.
##More Info
@@ -264,6 +277,8 @@
## Status
+* add specific parsing options (XQueryv3.0, etc)
+* add recursive directory processing
* create markdown output format
* create docbook output format
* create text output format
5 bin/xquerydoc
@@ -14,8 +14,11 @@ XQUERY=$1
+# create output directory
+mkdir $OUTPUT
# run xproc pipeline
-/usr/local/bin/calabash -isource=$XQUERYDOC_HOME/etc/config.xml -oresult=$OUTPUT/index.html $XQUERYDOC_HOME/xquerydoc.xpl xquery=$XQUERY output=$OUTPUT currentdir=$CURRENTDIR format=$FORMAT
+/usr/local/bin/calabash -oresult=$OUTPUT/index.html $XQUERYDOC_HOME/xquerydoc.xpl xquery=$XQUERY output=$OUTPUT currentdir=$CURRENTDIR format=$FORMAT exclude= include=
# copy lib resources
cp -R -f $XQUERYDOC_HOME/src/lib $OUTPUT/lib
4 src/xquery/xquerydoc.xq
@@ -161,7 +161,9 @@ declare function parse($module as xs:string, $mode as xs:string) as element(doc:
+ : example function for generating html from within XQuery, will need to employ processor specific method of invoking XSLT
+ :)
declare function generate-docs($type,$xqdoc ){
4 xquerydoc.xpl
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@
<p:option name="format" required="true"/>
<cx:recursive-directory-list name="dirlist"
- include-filter="^(.)*.xq$"
+ include-filter="^(.)*.xq(.)*$"
<p:with-option name="path" select="concat($currentdir,'/',$xquery)"/>
@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@
- <!-- run pipeline manually with m-x compile //-->
+ <!-- run pipeline manually in emacs with m-x compile //-->
-- Local Variables:

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