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a billboard imposter baker for Unity png gif gif


  • Easy single-click baking of objects to hemisphere or full sphere imposters, generates a ready to use prefab
  • batch baking support, just select multiple prefabs in scene view

Installation & Usage

  • Import Plugins folder to a Unity project.
  • Window -> IMP opens the baking tool
  • Example assets built in 2017.3, tool should be 2017 + 2018 compatible

Based on the work of Ryan Brucks

BN11: Real-time Realistic Rendering and Lighting of Forests. Eric Bruneton, Fabrice Neyret

TSK07: Fast (Spherical) Light Field Rendering with Per-Pixel Depth. Severin Todt, Christof Rezk-Salama and Andreas Kolb



*Pine004 example asset is from the free Unity Book of the Dead Environment project