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ChitStat is an attempt at building a collaborative R language environment. Another way to say it, ChitStat is a visual R language REPL. Or, ChitStat is a fun way to review R transcripts for learning and sharing.

How you use it:

  • You login using OpenID (Google, Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc.)
  • You either create a new room or enter an existing room
  • You can choose to enter an "R" command, which the backend interprets as a R command
  • You can choose to enter a chat command, which is simply a chat command
  • If you enter an R command, the system manipulates the current session data
  • If you enter an R command and it affects the visualization of the data, a new image is loaded into the coverflow.
  • You can jump around in the coverflows and see how the data is shifting when visualized

Other Fun Features (I would like to build someday)

  • All chat rooms have a permantent URL which allows you to review a chat transcript
  • Any chat or R message is uniquely identifiable, so you can "seek" to a place in a live chat, and then fork from there to do different mutations on the original statistics
  • Pull data from any URL, specify a CSS ID to retrieve table data and load it as an R array

Why I Think This is Cool

  • I think it would be fun to have archived R transcripts
  • Statisticians could use this to collaborate in real time when building statistically representations
  • People wanting to learn R could use this to review transcripts of other R profressionals



  • Not really functional, just a proof of concept
  • Could be dangerous if someone entered a shell command and the R interpreter executed it
  • Need to fork a new R interpreter for each chat session
  • Better interpretation of what is an R command and what is a normal message. Maybe anything is R unless we use a format like "user: some message here" where we must specify a username, or "all:" for everyone in the room. Then we could do away with the select menu.
  • Tricky to handle responses from the R interpreter since calculations could take a long time. Node.js asynchronous code could really help here.

How To Run (this needs a lot of work):

  • install node, connect, etc.
  • ./node-lib/riak-0.11.0-osx-x86_64/bin/riak start
  • cd chitstat-server
  • ./connect &

Enjoy! There is still a lot to be done.

A sample transcript on the server side:

...  (some server startup messages)
Data: > 
[riak-js] POST /riak/messages/
[riak-js] POST /riak/messages/
[riak-js] POST /riak/messages/
Data: png('5d9f83d32c09a7590ca564b1796-1287300031187.png')

Data: > a <- 
Data: c(1,2,3,4)
[riak-js] POST /riak/messages/
Data: Error: unexpected symbol in "I just"

Data: png('5d9f83d32c09a7590ca564b1796-1287300051201.png')
> I just created a new array.
[riak-js] POST /riak/messages/
  • We posted a few messages to the server.
  • Then, I changed the message type to "R" and entered the command a <- c(1,2,3,4) which created an R vector on the server.
  • I then accidentally forgot to switch back to "chat" type of message, and the server tried to interpret the message as an R command.
  • Any time the server gets an R message it tries to create a new PNG with the output. If the command did create a new PNG, we should have the server send it back and insert into the contentflow.
  • Oops. Once I switched this back, the message is interpreted as a normal chat message and inserted into the chat.

ChitStat sample layout