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How to Build an SD card

Using Ubuntu/Debian run which will run all the other numbered scripts in this directory one after the other.


This will all take some time (about 30mins for me) and finally create a fully provisioned monster-mesh.img which can then be written to an SD card and booted on a Raspberry PI. Other useful scripts that can now be run to further manipulate this image are.


Will start a QEMU box. Note that you will no longer be able to use that shell while this box runs.


Will stop a QEMU box.


Will log you into the running QEMU box

A note on security, the user pi with password raspberry and with your .ssh public key setup to allow passwordless ssh login. So be sure to change the password and remove the .ssh key if you want the image to be secure.

The following scripts can be used on an Ubuntu machine to connect to the monster-mesh network.


Will disable netmanger and then configure the mesh using adhoc-config, from now on you will not have wifi internet access but you will have monster-mesh access so can run the mmesh app locally.


Will disable the adhoc monster-mesh config and log you back into your normal wifi connection handled by netmanager.