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Swanky Paint

Swanky Paint is a modern Deluxe Paint tribute.

It should be noted that this is currently in active development so will contain bugs.


  • Runs on Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, Windows & Mac
  • Deluxe Paint shortcuts
  • Escher modes : Hexels, non-Euclidean, strange geometry + more
  • Bloom shader options
  • Full resolution background image for tracing and referencing
  • Multiple layers support
  • Simple animation frames
  • Spritesheet support
  • Animation exports to GIF and APNG
  • GIF and APNG import to frames
  • Popular colour palettes - C64, Spectrum, NES, Gameboy, MSX, AppleII, EGA, Swanky16, Swanky32
  • Manual PDF that includes one-page shortcut pullout
  • Support for Lua scripting
  • Support for UV mapping preview on to low poly 3D model

Print Manual

Get the Swanky Paint shortcut keys - http://paint.wetgenes.com/data/swankycuts/SwankyPaintShortcuts.pdf


Swanky Paint is in a constant state of flux. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you have a suggestion or feedback, or would just like to partake in discussions, join in by creating a new issue here.

We are particularly interested in your bug reports!

For more information, go here.


Available on Steam.

Although Swanky Paint is not Open Source 99% of its source code is part of the GameCake engine with the rest of its lua files (mostly GUI) provided via steam/etc. So a purchase combined with gamecake will give you full access to all of the source code.