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Merb is a web development framework for fast, simple, and powerful development. For more information, check out:

This is the 1.2 development branch. Expect things to break, and report issues at our Lighthouse tracker.


Merb consists of the following parts:

  • merb-core: Core functionality needed to bootstrap and run an application.
  • merb-action-args: Plugin to handle request parameters as parameters to controller actions.
  • merb-assets: Asset handling.
  • merb-slices: Slices are merb's application modules.
  • merb-cache: Support for content caches, e.g., memcache.
  • merb-gen: Generators for applications, plugins, and components.
  • merb-haml: Support for HAML
  • merb-helpers: Helpers for text and HTML formatting.
  • merb-mailer: MVC mail sending from an application.
  • merb-param-protection: Filter request parameters in controllers and logs.
  • merb-exceptions: Exception notifications as mail and through web hooks.