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PF_RING SVN mirror (code is GPLv3, btw)
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This directory contains:

kernel/				Kernel related patches
userland/			User space code
userland/lib/			User space library used to manpulate PF_RING
userland/libpcap-XXX-ring/	Libpcap enhanced with PF_RING support
userland/examples/		P(acket)count application (use it for your tests)

See also:

- PF_RING and Snort
See the new daq library

- Advanced Packet Capturing Howto: PF_RING, NAPI and extended libpcap on Debian Sarge

As of PF_RING 4.x you NO LONGER NEED to patch the linux kernel. If you are using
a patched kernel, please revert the patch otherwise you will capture the same
packet twice

(C) Luca Deri 2004-10
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