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.TH BOOTCHART2 1 2011-03-07
bootchart2 \- collects and analyses data from boot process
bootchart2 is a tool to log the boot process and make a nice
graph out of it, to usually see where it takes longer.
It consists of three different pieces of software:
a shell script, a collector and a visualisation tool.
Please also see the manual pages referred to in the \fBSEE ALSO\fR
After install simply add these options to your kernel command line, normally in \fI/boot/grub/menu.lst:
.in +4n
.B "initcall_debug printk.time=y quiet init=/sbin/bootchartd ..."
Then after bootup run pybootchartgui to get an interactive
chart rendering tool.
If you want to chart the initrd, add
.in +4n
.B rdinitrd=/sbin/bootchartd
to the kernel command line.
To make bootchart2 work best, please ensure your kernel is
configured with
If you want to start bootchart2 in a dracut (version >= 008)
initramfs, you have to change
.I init=/sbin/bootchartd
.I rdinit=/sbin/bootchartd
and regenerate the initramfs with bootchart support with:
.in +4n
.B "# dracut -f -a bootchart"
.BR pybootchartgui (1),
.BR bootchartd (1)
\fBbootchart2\fR was written by:
.in +4n
Anders Norgaard <>
Michael Meeks <>
Scott James Remnant <>
Henning Niss <>
Riccardo Magliocchetti <>
This manual page was written by Francesca Ciceri <>,
for the Debian project (and may be used by others), and is licensed
under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or, at your choice, any
later version.
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