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# Configuration for bootchartd, the bootchart logger script.
# Sampling frequency (samples / second)
# Tarball for the various boot log files
# Whether to automatically generate the boot chart once the boot logger
# completes. The boot chart will be generated in $AUTO_RENDER_DIR.
# Note that the bootchart package must be installed.
# Image format to use for the auto-generated boot chart
# (choose between png, svg and eps).
# Output directory for auto-generated boot charts
# Optional: full path to a script to run after collecting data and auto-rendering
# if enabled (else you could render yourself there, or just rename the rendered
# output after date and time and archive it in a certain directory for
# later reference). Hint: in the script, you may source /etc/bootchartd.conf for
# being able to use the variables defined there in a flexible way, check the
# command-line options of pybootchargui and the bootchartd script itself as a
# source of inspiration;
# The processes we have to wait for
EXIT_PROC="compiz \
enlightenment \
fluxbox \
gnome-shell \
gnome-terminal \
icewm-session \
kdm_greet \
konsole \
ldm \
lightdm-gtk-greeter \
metacity \
mutter \
openbox \
sddm-helper \
xfwm4 \