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A simple spelling checker implemented in Java, Kotlin, Scala and Xtend
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Spellbound: Spelling Suggestion Implemented in Multiple JVM languages

This tutorial project implements a simple spelling suggestion service in multiple JVM languages. Accompanying blog entries are published at my blog.

Spelling suggestion is a familiar, well-understood domain (though industrial-strength implementations can prove quite nuanced). By embracing ease of implementation over optimal performance we allow readers to focus on comparing the JVM languages and their implementations, unencumbered by needless complexity.

Within these relaxed constraints, spelling suggestion provides an excellent subject to illustrate and contrast the various "better Java" JVM languages. Features discussed include functional programming, type inference, extension methods, compile-time code generation and other niceties well beyond vanilla Java usage.

Examples and new concepts are first introduced first in Java 10 so they're immediately understandable to the experienced Java programmer. The Java implementation is then replicated, idiomatically, in today's most relevant alternative JVM languages: Kotlin, Scala and Xtend.

Peter Norvig's simple (but powerful) spelling corrector is implemented in Java, Kotlin, Scala and Xtend. A separate tutorial blog post is written for each language that contrasts it with the Java "reference" implementation.

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