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NaCl in Go for humans
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Boxer - NaCl for Humans

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This Go package implements a convenience wrapper around the NaCl package.

Its main goal is to hide the management of nonces and salts from the user. Passwords will be automatically stretched using scrypt, the nonce includes the current time to make collisions less likely.

Note that the key stretching is performed on each encryption/decryption, so if you plan to perform a lot of crypto operations in a short time, this might be too expensive.


I am by no means a cryptography expert. Do not blindly trust this code, read it and judge by yourself. If you find a flaw, please open an issue and tell me.

On that note: This package is very opinionated. It solves a very narrow usecase and should not be applied to every problem that sounds like "I need to encrypt stuff". It also serves as a demonstration on how to use the NaCl library.


go get


dataToEncrypt := "I am something to keep secret."
password := "sup3r s3cur3"

// create a Boxer with default scrypt settings
bxr := boxer.NewDefaultBoxer()

// encrypt
ciphertext, err := bxr.Encrypt([]byte(dataToEncrypt), []byte(password))
if err != nil {

// and decrypt again
plaintext, err := bxr.Decrypt(ciphertext, []byte(password))
if err != nil {



This code is licensed under the MIT license.

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