primitive tool to gather statistics from nginx logfiles
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logstats - A Simple Logfile Analyzer

This project implements a very basic parser for nginx access logs, which counts the number of requests and sent bytes and things like that.


I'm using this to monitor some of my web projects. I have a cronjob running this program once every minute, letting it count how many requests hit my project and what HTTP status codes I generated. The result is then consumed by a script that pumps the data into InfluxDB.

It's useful for projects that have no telemetry built into them, but are proxied behind a reverse proxy.


  1. Clone the repository
  2. Run make deps to fetch the required dependencies.
  3. To build the app, run make app. For a statically compiled version, run make static.
  4. Run it.

To run, copy the config.dist.yaml, adjust to your needs and fire away:

$ ./logstats myconfig.yaml access.log
2018/04/16 15:14:23 Range start: 2018-04-16 05:14:23
2018/04/16 15:14:23 Range end:   2018-04-16 15:14:23
  "hits": {
    "fonts": 0,
    "images": 0,
    "media": 0,
    "robots": 9450,
    "styles": 0,
    "total": 669375
  "traffic": {
    "fonts": 0,
    "images": 0,
    "media": 0,
    "robots": 982800,
    "styles": 0,
    "total": 7976381175
  "status": {
    "200": 612675,
    "301": 44100,
    "304": 12600
  "methods": {
    "GET": 669375
  "protocols": {
    "HTTP/1.0": 582750,
    "HTTP/1.1": 81900,
    "HTTP/2.0": 4725
  "uniqueIPs": 28

Make sure to pipe the log output (stderr) away to only process the resulting JSON on stdout.


If you're using a custom nginx log format, this will not work for you without adjusting the code base.

The code is probably not the most efficient. Make sure to use the read parameter in the config file accordingly. Reading a 500MB log file is somewhere around 20 seconds, but is relatively memory efficient (using less than 10 MB).