Trustfarm XRTube Client App. Web based Prioritiesed Synchronized MultiTile screen with HLS and MPEG-DASH streams.
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This is a web based XRtube client App. It is Recommended to run in fullscreen mode.


Best compatible with Chrome browser.

In case of Playing 4K, 8K Video, We recommends to PC have latest Video GPU. Old intel cpu (internal GPU) or Old GPU card have a problem of rendering 4K,8K video frame. Another Cause is Memory , we recommends larger than 8GB PC Memory.
It makes not a good rendering quality, it cause from GPU and PC Memory, most of case, not a issue on transfer-rates.
Even though your network infra is not good , but XRTube MPEG-DASH stack supports adaptive streaming well.
please enjoy and feedback to issues


Some limitations apply:

  • Currently not support for DRM protected content as this is often solutions specific to each site
  • In ServerSide , DRM contents accepts and ready to transmission.
  • On ClientSide , DRM contents compatible with our XRtube-Client App.

Demo Test Stream Lists [Updated]

Demo1: K-POP Twice IDOL Girl Group

Demo2: Nature of PERU Country

Demo3: K-POP EXID IDOL Girl Group #2

Demo4: K-POP BLACKPINK IDOL Girl Group 마지막처럼

Demo5: K-POP BLACKPINK IDOL Girl Group 대학교공연


Get the code from Github or fork the repository if you plan to contribute to this project.

	git clone

Install the necessary node modules

	npm install

Start the Node express app

	npm start


When the Node express app is up and running you can direct your Chrome browser to:
	or build in localhost, you can play with 
	Available Test Stream is except twice-8k.json , peru-8k.json

where twice-8k.json and example.json is a configuration file placed in the directory config/ and can look like this:

	  "url": ""

In XRTube, you just add contents' base url is enough. there's meta data indicating make streaming info.

To toggle 'Space' key to Play or Stop. A green border indicates for which Tile(viewport) is selected.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • SPACE : toggle play / pause for all viewports
  • '+' or '=' : Zoom In
  • '-' or '-' : Zoom out
  • mouse click : Select Tile
  • F - toggle fullscreen mode

Contribution and Contact

Email :

We are very happy if you want to contribute to this project. Just follow the "normal" procedures and:

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a topic branch in your fork
  3. Add feature or fix bug in the topic branch
  4. Issue a pull request explaining what has been done