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-This will hopefully add up to specific instructions on how to set up an Android
-environment in order to cross-compile perl - the interpreter - for Android.
+How to compile perl (the interpreter) for ASE/Android:
-This now includes basic instructions Gabor has listed down:
+- ASE sources - includes the Perl interpreter (A.K.A., perl)
+- Android sources
+- Java 5 (to compile Android)
+The ASE sources can be fetched from the ASE website.
+The Android sources can be fetched from the Google Android website.
+Java 5 can be fetched from Sun's Java website.
+(check under "old versions of Java")
+General instructions:
+Ubuntu-specific instructions:
+For Ubuntu: you can go to a mirror and download specific packages and deps:
+example mirror:
+- sun-java5-jdk_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_i386.deb
+- sun-java5-jre_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_all.deb
+- sun-java5-bin_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_i386.deb
+- sun-java5-demo_1.5.0-22-0ubuntu0.8.04_i386.deb
+You'll need:
+- unixodbc{,-{bin,dev}}
+- java-common
+Go in the Android source folder and run "make"
+Go in the Android source folder and run "make"
Download the source of Android from and build
it using "make".
@@ -22,28 +54,4 @@ and to package the result:
I know I got a failure as my sh was linked to dash.
Running bash worked better but I have not managed to setup the agcc thing.
-*Alternative Instructions*
-** Requirements **
-In order to build perl for ASE, you need:
-* ASE source - includes the Perl interpreter (A.K.A., perl)
-* AGCC - GCC for Arm (A.K.A., agcc)
-* The Arm EABI Toolchain (A.K.A., arm-eabi-toolchain)
-* Java 5 (in case you want to compile Android)
-The ASE source can be fetched from the ASE website.
-It includes the agcc wrapper as well under "tools".
-The arm-eabi-toolchain can be fetched from this github repo:
-It includes instructions on how to install it on Ubuntu.
-These instructions assume you do not need to install or compile Android itself,
-but if you find that you do (whether by choice or force), you need to install
-Java 5 which can be fetched from Sun's java website. Check for "older version"
-of Java.
-** Compiling **
-Once you have downloaded all components and installed the arm toolchain, build
-them using the instructions in the repo.

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