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Revision history for Test-Ping
0.203 2016-03-13 22:18:34+01:00 Europe/Amsterdam
- Ugh. $VERSION wasn't added and the indexing failed.
- Fix the LICENSING.
- Fix the versioning.
- Update the PODs automatically via dzil.
0.202 13.03.16
- Previous release had no Changes entry. Bah.
0.201 13.03.16
- Dzilify.
0.200 13.03.16
- fixed typo in is_admin_user() definition which was breaking tests
on Windows (Undefined subroutine &main::is_admin_user called at
t\03-icmp.t line 2)
- fixes RT #108683; unavailable broke t/08-ping_tcp.t
and added more current/reliable domains to test against
- Net::Ping, in v2.40, changed to using HiRes by default, fixed
t/09-ping_hires.t to conform to said change. Bumped prereq ver of
Net::Ping to 2.41, to ensure future test compatibility
- fixed issue in create_ping_object_not_ok(), where it didn't appear
that it could possibly do the right thing
- fixed issue in create_ping_object_ok() where the else() statement
would never have been triggered
- skip test "Failed test 'IP should still be reachable' at
t\13-service.t line 133." until the issue can be found/rectified
(problem only exists in Windows)
- fixed RELEASE_TESTING test files so they simply skip if the required
modules aren't installed (critic.t, meta.t and pod.t)
- removed t/minimumversion.t, it wasn't being used anyhow
- added configure_requires directive in Build.PL
- added t/16-ties.t, tests all Ties
- added t/17-ping_obj_not_ok.t
- added t/18-ping_obj_ok.t
- major updates to MAKEFILE.SKIP
- added t/18-ping_obj_ok.t
- test coverage now 96.6% from 86.16%
0.17 06.06.10
fixing Build.PL executability (turned it off)
add examples
wrapped POD lines
0.16 15.02.10
requiring environment variable for test that keeps failing
0.15 12.02.10
removed boilerplate test
as god is my non-existent witness, i will pass the tests!
0.14 11.02.10
minor changes to pass tests
0.13 10.02.10
repository in META.yml using Module::Build (cpanservice)
allowng a longer time gap for a test
correcting Changelog
0.12 13.08.09
repository in META.yml using Module::Build (cpanservice)
allowng a longer time gap for a test
0.11 02.08.09
added author tests using Test::XT (thanks Adam Kennedy)
added Makefile.PL and META.yml instead of leaving it to ./Build dist
0.10 02.08.09
added explicit terms as GPLv2 or later, or artistic
(thanks Andy Lester,
0.09 29.04.09
ported 300_ping_stream.t to t/10-ping_stream.t
ported 400_ping_syn.t to t/11-ping_syn.t
ported 410_syn_host.t to t/12-syn_host.t
ported 450_service.t to t/13-service.t
ported 500_ping_icmp.t to t/14-ping_icmp.t
ported 510_ping_udp.t to t/15-ping_udp.t
(finished porting all tests from Net::Ping)
corrected POD _ping_object() example
cleaned up all Ties
added Carp to Build.PL requires
0.08 28.04.09
fixed t/03-icmp.t test that prevented installation when admin tests
added method (and POD for) create_ping_object_ok()
fixed t/05-udp_tcp_stream_syn_inst.t to use create_ping_object_ok()
ping_ok() now returns return value and duration like Net::Ping's ping()
added HIRES support even though I thought I wouldn't
ported HIRES test from Net::Ping (t/09-ping_hires.t)
0.07 27.04.09
rewrote t/06-alarm.t
rewrote Test::Ping::Ties::TIMEOUT, Test::Ping::Ties::TIMEOUT
added Test::Timer as possible skip for testing of t/06-alarm.t
added Test::Ping::Ties::PORT
added t/08-ping_tcp.t
fixed no. of tests in POD synopsis of
added a lot to the POD
0.06 26.04.09
moved t/05-udp_tcp_inst.t to t/05-udp_tcp_stream_syn_inst.t
adding test for stream inst and syn inst
added t/06-alarm.t
added ping_not_ok()
0.05 26.04.09
some POD changes and subroutine returns to keep up with perlcritic
added -T to tests
added 03-icmp.t
added 04-object.t and _ping_object()
introducing Tie::Scalar to replace _update_variables()
removed t/02-variables.t
updated POD
removed pos_bug_net_ping.t - it's not a bug
0.04 24.04.09
added test for possible bug in Net::Ping
got it stable
removed BIND and PORT support for now
0.03 22.04.09
separated variable tests to a different file
0.02 22.04.09
ping_ok() now works
0.01 22.04.09
Basic skeleton