Creates and configures S3 buckets for static web hosting
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Creates and configures Amazon S3 buckets to use as a static web hosting.

S3tatic expects the environment variables AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY to be able to use the Amazon Web Services API.

To put files in the S3 bucket after creating it, use some other tool like s3cmd.

$ s3tatic.rb
Usage: s3tatic.rb --domain <domain>
        --region      aws region (default: us-east-1)
        --index       index page (default: index.html)
        --error       error page (default: error.html)
$ s3tatic.rb --domain
 >> Creating S3 bucket on us-east-1
 >> Defining bucket policy
 >> Configuring website attributes
 >> Done. What's next?
(1) Manually create the CNAME registry
    pointing to
(2) Put files in the bucket and visit