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(ns ^:no-doc rewrite-clj.parser.core
(:require [rewrite-clj
[node :as node]
[reader :as reader]]
[keyword :refer [parse-keyword]]
[string :refer [parse-string parse-regex]]
[token :refer [parse-token]]
[whitespace :refer [parse-whitespace]]]
[ :as r]))
;; ## Base Parser
(def ^:dynamic ^:private *delimiter*
(defn- dispatch
(cond (nil? c) :eof
(reader/whitespace? c) :whitespace
(= c *delimiter*) :delimiter
:else (get {\^ :meta \# :sharp
\( :list \[ :vector \{ :map
\} :unmatched \] :unmatched \) :unmatched
\~ :unquote \' :quote \` :syntax-quote
\; :comment \@ :deref \" :string
\: :keyword}
c :token)))
(defmulti ^:private parse-next*
(comp #'dispatch reader/peek))
(defn parse-next
(reader/read-with-meta reader parse-next*))
;; # Parser Helpers
(defn- parse-delim
[reader delimiter]
(reader/ignore reader)
(->> #(binding [*delimiter* delimiter]
(parse-next %))
(reader/read-repeatedly reader)))
(defn- parse-printables
[reader node-tag n & [ignore?]]
(when ignore?
(reader/ignore reader))
(complement node/printable-only?)
;; ## Parsers Functions
;; ### Base
(defmethod parse-next* :token
(parse-token reader))
(defmethod parse-next* :delimiter
(reader/ignore reader))
(defmethod parse-next* :unmatched
"Unmatched delimiter: %s"
(reader/peek reader)))
(defmethod parse-next* :eof
(when *delimiter*
(reader/throw-reader reader "Unexpected EOF.")))
;; ### Whitespace
(defmethod parse-next* :whitespace
(parse-whitespace reader))
(defmethod parse-next* :comment
(reader/ignore reader)
(node/comment-node (reader/read-include-linebreak reader)))
;; ### Special Values
(defmethod parse-next* :keyword
(parse-keyword reader))
(defmethod parse-next* :string
(parse-string reader))
;; ### Meta
(defmethod parse-next* :meta
(reader/ignore reader)
(node/meta-node (parse-printables reader :meta 2)))
;; ### Reader Specialities
(defmethod parse-next* :sharp
(reader/ignore reader)
(case (reader/peek reader)
nil (reader/throw-reader reader "Unexpected EOF.")
\{ (node/set-node (parse-delim reader \}))
\( (node/fn-node (parse-delim reader \)))
\" (node/regex-node (parse-regex reader))
\^ (node/raw-meta-node (parse-printables reader :meta 2 true))
\' (node/var-node (parse-printables reader :var 1 true))
\= (node/eval-node (parse-printables reader :eval 1 true))
\_ (node/uneval-node (parse-printables reader :uneval 1 true))
\: (node/namespaced-map-node (parse-printables reader :keyword 2))
\? (do
;; we need to examine the next character, so consume one (known \?)
(reader/next reader)
;; we will always have a reader-macro-node as the result
(let [read1 (fn [] (parse-printables reader :reader-macro 1))]
(cons (case (reader/peek reader)
;; the easy case, just emit a token
\( (node/token-node (symbol "?"))
;; the harder case, match \@, consume it and emit the token
\@ (do (reader/next reader)
(node/token-node (symbol "?@")))
;; otherwise no idea what we're reading but its \? prefixed
(do (reader/unread reader \?)
(first (read1))))
(node/reader-macro-node (parse-printables reader :reader-macro 2))))
(defmethod parse-next* :deref
(node/deref-node (parse-printables reader :deref 1 true)))
;; ## Quotes
(defmethod parse-next* :quote
(node/quote-node (parse-printables reader :quote 1 true)))
(defmethod parse-next* :syntax-quote
(node/syntax-quote-node (parse-printables reader :syntax-quote 1 true)))
(defmethod parse-next* :unquote
(reader/ignore reader)
(let [c (reader/peek reader)]
(if (= c \@)
(parse-printables reader :unquote 1 true))
(parse-printables reader :unquote 1)))))
;; ### Seqs
(defmethod parse-next* :list
(node/list-node (parse-delim reader \))))
(defmethod parse-next* :vector
(node/vector-node (parse-delim reader \])))
(defmethod parse-next* :map
(node/map-node (parse-delim reader \})))
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