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Simple demo project to run a Sonar analysis on a js project.


The actual configuration in assumes the Sonar server is running on http://localhost:9000.

You can change that by specifying the right values in (see


  • Install node dependencies with npm install
  • Run the ci task with make ci
  • Check the results : http://localhost:9000 or wherever.

Tasks in the Makefile

  • Clean with make clean
  • Run tests with make test
  • Run tests and generate a xunit compatible file with make xunit
  • Run coverage analysis and generate a lcov compatible file with make coverage
  • Run coverage analysis and generate a cobertura compatible file with make coverage
  • Run jshint with make jshint
  • Run jhsint and generate a checkstyle compatible file with make checkstyle
  • Run the Sonar analysis with make sonar
  • Run a CI related set of tasks make ci

All generated files are generated in the reports folder.

Only tested on linux, you may have to adapt some stuff on other platforms.

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