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@@ -37,5 +37,5 @@ The Council (2016-2017) consists of the following individuals:
- __Sam Whited__ has authored and co-authored a number of XEPs and is an occasional contributor to various XMPP clients and servers. He also serves on the [Editor Team](/about/xsf/editor-team) and can most easily be reached via [XMPP](
- __Tobias Markmann__ currently works on the [Swift]( chat client and related projects at Isode Ltd., has authored a couple XEPs, and has previously been serving the XMPP Council from 2012-2014 and in 2016.
- __Dave Cridland__ works on [Metre]( and [Openfire]( and nebulous things at [Surevine](; you're welcome to chat via [XMPP](
-- __Daniel Gultsch__
+- __Daniel Gultsch__ is the maintainer of the Android client [Conversations]( and operates an [XMPP domain hosting service]( He has also (co-) created severals XEPs. Contact information can be found on [his website](
- __Emmanuel Gil Peyrot__ is a maintainer of the [poezio]( client, the [slixmpp]( Python library, system administrator for [JabberFR]( and XMPP enthousiast; you can contact him for anything via [XMPP](

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