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2009-05-01 Siyan Panayotov <>
* data/icons: Icons modified (for better view in small sizes)
* src/ Add src/vnr-file.c and src/vnr-file.h
* src/vnr-message-area.c:
* src/vnr-message-area.h:
Fix show/hide. Memory improvements.
Add file navigation API:
* data/ Use 'Exec=viewnior %F' to support
multiple file selection.
* src/main.c (main): Support file navigation api.
* src/uni-image-view.c (uni_image_view_init_signals): Remove
unusable key bindings.
* src/vnr-file.c:
* src/vnr-file.h:
New files.
* src/vnr-tools.c (vnr_tools_get_list_from_array): New function to
put commandline args in GSList.
* src/vnr-tools.h:
* src/vnr-window.h:
* src/vnr-window.c: Add vnr_window_close().
(vnr_window_open): Porting to VnrFile.
2009-04-20 Siyan Panayotov <>
* src/main.c: Fix program termination status
when invalid args are passed.
* src/vnr-window.c (vnr_window_open): Remove g_warning()
if image opening is unsuccessful.
* src/uni-image-view.c:
* src/uni-dragger.c: Change type conversions from (UniBlahBlah *) to
2009-04-20 Siyan Panayotov <>
* NEWS: Viewnior 0.2 !
* Version bump.
2009-04-20 Siyan Panayotov <>
* src/vnr-message-area.c: Small memory improvement -
Compose message area on the first call to show it.
* TODO: Check "Implement warning dialogs" -
Already completed.
* data/icons: Viewnior's icon changed!
2009-04-19 Siyan Panayotov <>
* src/main.c (main): Added --version argument.
* src/vnr-window.c (vnr_window_open): Remove application's
name from the window title.
Add warning area:
* src/vnr-message-area.c:
* src/vnr-message-area.h:
New files.
* src/vnr-window.c (vnr_window_class_init), (vnr_window_init):
* src/vnr-window.h:
Include a message area in the layout.
* src/vnr-window.c (vnr_window_open): Warn about errors, while
loading image.
* src/ Add src/vnr-message-area.c and
2009-04-15 Siyan Panayotov <>
* Started the ChangeLog.
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