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The Xslate project

Scalable template engine for Perl5

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  1. p5-Text-Xslate p5-Text-Xslate Public

    Scalable template engine for Perl5

    Perl 121 50

  2. p5-Mouse p5-Mouse Public

    Lightweight class builder for Perl, as a subset of Moose

    Perl 46 32

  3. Public

    The Xslate web site

    CSS 15 1

  4. p5-Text-Clevery p5-Text-Clevery Public

    Smarty compatible template engine on Xslate

    Perl 7

  5. p5-Text-Xslate-Syntax-Mustache p5-Text-Xslate-Syntax-Mustache Public

    Mustache compatible syntax for Xslate

    Perl 4

  6. p5-Text-Xslate-Bridge-TT2 p5-Text-Xslate-Bridge-TT2 Public

    TT2 methods in Xslate (deprecated)

    Perl 2


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