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Scalable template engine for Perl5

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This is Perl module Text::Xslate.


Text::Xslate - High performance template engine in Perl


    use Text::Xslate;
    use FindBin qw($Bin);

    my $tx = Text::Xslate->new(
        # the fillowing options are optional.
        path       => ['.'],
        cache_dir  => "$ENV{HOME}/.xslate_cache",
        cache      => 1,

    my %vars = (
        title => 'A list of books',
        books => [
            { title => 'Islands in the stream' },
            { title => 'Programming Perl'      },
            # ...

    # given 'hello.tx':
    #<h1><: $title :></h1>
    #: for $books -> $book {
    #    <li><: $book.title :></li>
    #: } # for

    print $tx->render('hello.tx', \%vars);


Text::Xslate installation is straightforward. If your CPAN shell is set up,
you should just be able to do

    $ cpan Text::Xslate

Download it, unpack it, then build it as per the usual:

    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make && make test

Then install it:

    $ make install


Text::Xslate documentation is available as in POD. So you can do:

    $ perldoc Text::Xslate

to read the documentation online with your favorite pager.


Copyright (c) 2010, Fuji, Goro (gfx). All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself.
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