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New version of Xsolla Launcher (v2.2.2)

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  • Seamless authorization in Launcher using the Xsolla Login JWT. If your users authorize via Xsolla Login, you can add the button opening the Launcher to your website. Users will skip the log-in screen when starting the application. To enable the feature: Get the Xsolla Login JWT. Open the following URL, where %1 is your Login project ID and %2 is the Callback URL specified in your Launcher settings in Publisher Account. If the authorization was successful, the token will be shown in the URL. Add the code below to your website. You will need your Launcher ID in Publisher Account and the JWT which you got in the previous step.
function openLauncher() {
let link = "x";
link += document.getElementById('launcherId').value + ":--login--";
link += document.getElementById('jwt').value;, "_top"); 
<input value="Open Launcher" onclick="openLauncher()" type="button">

After the button is added to the website, the users should start the application manually first to register the action in the OS. Next time they can use the button on the website to start the application.


  • Minor bugs
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