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XSpec Release

XSpec is a unit test and behaviour-driven development (BDD) framework for XSLT, XQuery, and Schematron. It is based on the Spec framework of RSpec, which is a BDD framework for Ruby.

XSpec consists of a syntax for describing the behaviour of XSLT, XQuery, or Schematron code, and some code that enables you to test the code against those descriptions.

Getting Started

To get started, check out the installation instructions for MacOS/Linux and Windows and how to write your first XSpec test.


Check out the XSpec documentation in the wiki before raising an issue or ask a question. If you have any question which is not answered in the wiki, feel free to raise an issue or post it in the XSpec discussion list.


XSpec is an open source project originally written by Jeni Tennison. It was maintained in the past years by Florent Georges. Active development of XSpec restarted in 2016 and the project is currently maintained by AirQuick (technical development) and Sandro Cirulli (management and community) with the help of the XSpec community.

If you wish to contribute to XSpec, please read the contributing guidelines and then raise or pick up an issue and send us your pull requests. Please document any issue with examples of your XSpec code.


XSpec is released under the MIT License. Few parts of the codebase are released under the Mozilla Public License.

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