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fetch Google Calendar Entries via API into an sortable Event-List-Table at your Website

It's based on React, fetch the Data via AJAX and output an sortable Event-List Table. No Webserver with PHP or Database needed, because it's plain HTML, JS and CSS.

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alt xst_GoogleCalendar

Live-Demo on a Website

Browser Support

Fully compatiple to following Browsers

  • IE >= 10 1
  • firefox
  • Chrome
  • Chrome for Android
  • UC Browser for Android
  • Samsung Internet
  • IOS - Safari

1 To support IE lower then IEedege, add into your HTML-Sourcecode.



  • Download the sources to your PC
  • Rename or copy /sources/config.EXAMPLE.js to sources/config.js and edit for your needs
  • Run yarn install on the root-path of the xst_googleEvents Directory
  • Change API_KEY and CAL_ID (Calender-ID) in /source/app.js to your personal credentials, you've got from your Google-Calendar
  • Run webpack -p. This will create the file xst_googlecalendar.js_
  • Copy the file xst_googlecalendar.xst to your Server and include it into your Webpage-Source-Code


  • React, React-Dom, React-Table, Superagent = MIT


  • Optimize index.html to show a nicer preview of functionality
  • implement kind of auto- detector/loader to load for IE 10 & 11
  • use Language-Files for Labels (Table, Buttons etc.)


Live-Demo on a Website