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Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files

What it does:
- run “rpmconf —help” and you will see :)
- it searches all config file of all installed packages and check if file with .rpmsave or .rpmnew exists.
- It allows you to see diff of this file against current file and can do merge.
- It allows you to keep current version or the other one (rpmsave or rpmnew one).
- it deletes .rpmsave and .rpmnew files which are identical to current file
- after your choice it deletes the unwanted file.
- it can search for all orphaned rpmsave and rpmnew files.

I provide only .zip and .tar.gz (automagicaly generated by GitHub) and .src.rpm.
If you are looking for .rpm files run either:
yum install rpmconf
- at least in Fedora and EPEL – or check: