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Build Status

This is my personal website built in Jekyll. Jekyll is a static website generator widely used for building blogs.


I've been reading Yihui Xie's articles for quite a few days, I really enjoy it. He's a great Chinese scientist and also a good writter. I like the desgin of his website which is pretty clean and neat. So I reproduced the theme on my own using Sass and Flexbox. So far, the code has not been abstracted as a framework. If anyone interesed, feel free to open an issue or checkout the code and mess around with it.


There are lots of ways to implement CI for Jekyll, the most common way is to use github pages since it's easy to deploy and maintain. For this website, I choose to use a Github webhook which is a little more complicated. There is another project that demostrates how to setup a nodejs server for it, feel free to checkout it out.


  • Add .travis.yml
  • Add Webhook for CI
  • Add Google Analysis
  • Add sidebar
  • Add Pagination
  • Add category page
  • Make it responsive
  • Add CSS animaiton effect
  • English Translation

License is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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