An alternative icons set for macOS file compression tools.
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Native-look Compressed File Icons

Update for OS X El Capitan and later

OS X El Capitan (10.11) and later icons have changed its typeface from Helvetica Neue to Apple's own San Francisco font.

Update for OS X Yosemite

OS X Yosemite (10.10) features a more flatter icon design and a much more modern look. New icons change the font from Lucida Sans to Helvetica Neue. Here are some different for compressed-file icons:


Available .icns Icons


  • 7z.icns
  • ace.icns
  • adf.icns
  • adz.icns
  • amiga.icns
  • archive.icns
  • blank.icns
  • cab.icns
  • dms.icns
  • exe.icns
  • jar.icns
  • lha.icns
  • rar.icns
  • rpm.icns
  • sit.icns


  • as.icns
  • bin.icns
  • bz.icns
  • bz2.icns
  • bzip2.icns
  • cpgz.icns
  • cpio.icns
  • gz.icns
  • hqx.icns
  • pax.icns
  • tar.icns
  • tbz.icns
  • tbz2.icns
  • tgz.icns
  • txz.icns
  • uu.icns
  • xip.icns
  • xz.icns
  • z.icns
  • zip.icns

What is it?

A system-style compressed-file icon set for third-part archive applications like The Unarchiver and Keka.

Feel the harmony,

and pleasant.

How to use it?

For The Unarchiver

  1. Replace .icns files within The folder with .icns files from Folder icns.
  2. Drag app icon to replace original icon from the "Get Info" panel.
  3. Restart your computer and enjoy! : )

For Other Apps

Similar to above steps, find the right icon files in you app Resources folder (usually in *.app/Contents/Resources/), rename and replace them with files in resource/icns and resource/native.