Xiaoyu Tai (Sean)'s portfolio, powered with hand-made theme and jekyll.
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Xiaoyu Tai (Sean)'s portfolio site.

Crafted with love by 晓禹 (my Chinese name Xiaoyu, pronounced 'SHOW-yoo'.)

(This site is also available at http://mirror.taixiaoyu.com in case GitHub Pages is down.)

This is an entirely static website thanks to Jekyll and GitHub Pages; site is built with superpowers from Gulp, Browsersync, Sass, and other great open-sourced projects.

Redesigned and built from scratch (again) with these new features:

  • designed with web accessibility in mind
  • used vertical rhythm for a better typography experience
  • modularized css with sass
  • modularized themes
  • minimized traffic and page reload time via AJAX with smoothState.js
  • animated page transition with animations
  • embedded a custom version JavaScript photo viewer by Dmitry Semenov
  • added bilingual support for English and Chinese (currently disabled, many thanks to a blog post by Sylvain Durand)

Local Development

(of course, you'll need ruby gem and node)

  1. gem install jekyll
  2. npm install --save-dev
  3. gulp

Manual Version Control

Manual version-control for dependencies to make it easier for GitHub Pages.

Package Version
normalize.css v5.0.0
PhotoSwipe v4.1.2
Susy 2.2.12
Breakpoint v2.7.0
Typi v2.3.0
jQuery v3.2.0
smoothState.js a22f5b6
VelocityJS 1.5.0
pace v1.0.2
freezeframe.js v3.0.8


  • Site code, excluding all projects, photos, and documents, is licensed under the MIT License.
  • Site content is conditionally licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 License, please contact me before using it.