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Fix documentation of build dependencies.

* Package names are always lower-case.
* libx11-dev depends libx11-6, so libx11-6 does not need to be mentioned.
* Counts for Ubuntu as well as for Debian
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1 parent e05997c commit 0a44407d30dfcae1a0b7d3f0f91b6778982b5114 @xtaran committed Oct 28, 2010
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@@ -40,8 +40,8 @@ Compilation and usage
Obviously, you should have a working g++ toolchain. You'll also need Xlib. If
-you're using Ubuntu, what you need is in build-essential, libX11-6
-and libX11-dev. Then you should:
+you're using Ubuntu or Debian, what you need is in build-essential and libx11-dev.
+Then you should:
1. Type `make` to compile.
1. Put `rpbar` and `rpbarsend` in your path.

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