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Axel's Sinfest RSS Generator

This is a Perl written replacement for the broken/stale RSS feed of the daily webcomic Sinfest.

Their RSS feed is stale since their site got a new design around the 8th of June 2014.


By default it generates an RSS feed for the past 7 days and fetches all titles from the website for that.

Plugin for Liferea and Snownews

The script can be used as command-type source in Liferea, as 'Execurl' type plugin in Snownews, or in any other RSS feed reader with the capability to call an feed-generating program instead of an URL.

Actually it was written for exactly that purpose. I use it with Liferea.


  • -n: Don't download anything from the Sinfest website, just generate a feed with dummy titles.

  • -d <number>: Generate a feed for the past days.

    Setting this value high enough for one run may give you all feed entries you missed since 8th of June 2014.

    But remember to do this only once as it fetches every page for every day since then per run to get the comic title for that day. You may get banned if you do that too often.


Besides modules from the Perl core distribution, the following Perl module are required. They can be found on e.g. CPAN or as packages in e.g. Debian.


Copyright (C) 2015 Axel Beckert

Licensed under the DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE. See the file LICENSE or for the full license text.


  • It maybe a nice feature to also support a CGI mode. If so, it should be possible to run it without installed.


Replacement for Sinfest's RSS feed — which is stale since the site got a new design around 8th of June 2014




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