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The ETA till (v3 for g4f) where I, @xtekky will pick this project back up and improve it is 29 days (written Tue 28 May), join in the meanwhile to stay updated.

Written by @xtekky & maintained by @hlohaus

By using this repository or any code related to it, you agree to the legal notice. The author is not responsible for the usage of this repository nor endorses it, nor is the author responsible for any copies, forks, re-uploads made by other users, or anything else related to GPT4Free. This is the author's only account and repository. To prevent impersonation or irresponsible actions, please comply with the GNU GPL license this Repository uses.


"gpt4free" serves as a PoC (proof of concept), demonstrating the development of an API package with multi-provider requests, with features like timeouts, load balance and flow control.


Lastet version: PyPI version Docker version
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pip install -U g4f
docker pull hlohaus789/g4f

πŸ†• What's New

πŸ”» Site Takedown

Is your site on this repository and you want to take it down? Send an email to with proof it is yours and it will be removed as fast as possible. To prevent reproduction please secure your API. πŸ˜‰

πŸš€ Feedback and Todo

You can always leave some feedback here:

As per the survey, here is a list of improvements to come

  • Update the repository to include the new openai library syntax (ex: Openai() class) | completed, use g4f.client.Client
  • Golang implementation
  • 🚧 Improve Documentation (in /docs & Guides, Howtos, & Do video tutorials)
  • Improve the provider status list & updates
  • Tutorials on how to reverse sites to write your own wrapper (PoC only ofc)
  • Improve the Bing wrapper. (Wait and Retry or reuse conversation)
  • 🚧 Write a standard provider performance test to improve the stability
  • Potential support and development of local models
  • 🚧 Improve compatibility and error handling

πŸ“š Table of Contents

πŸ› οΈ Getting Started

Docker Container Guide

Getting Started Quickly:
  1. Install Docker: Begin by downloading and installing Docker.

  2. Set Up the Container: Use the following commands to pull the latest image and start the container:

docker pull hlohaus789/g4f
docker run \
  -p 8080:8080 -p 1337:1337 -p 7900:7900 \
  --shm-size="2g" \
  -v ${PWD}/har_and_cookies:/app/har_and_cookies \
  -v ${PWD}/generated_images:/app/generated_images \
  1. Access the Client:

  2. (Optional) Provider Login: If required, you can access the container's desktop here: http://localhost:7900/?autoconnect=1&resize=scale&password=secret for provider login purposes.

Installation Guide for Windows (.exe)

To ensure the seamless operation of our application, please follow the instructions below. These steps are designed to guide you through the installation process on Windows operating systems.

Installation Steps

  1. Download the Application: Visit our releases page and download the most recent version of the application, named
  2. File Placement: After downloading, locate the .zip file in your Downloads folder. Unpack it to a directory of your choice on your system, then execute the g4f.exe file to run the app.
  3. Open GUI: The app starts a web server with the GUI. Open your favorite browser and navigate to http://localhost:8080/chat/ to access the application interface.
  4. Firewall Configuration (Hotfix): Upon installation, it may be necessary to adjust your Windows Firewall settings to allow the application to operate correctly. To do this, access your Windows Firewall settings and allow the application.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully install and run the application on your Windows system. If you encounter any issues during the installation process, please refer to our Issue Tracker or try to get contact over Discord for assistance.

Run the Webview UI on other Platfroms:

Use your smartphone:

Run the Web UI on Your Smartphone:

Use python

  1. Download and install Python (Version 3.10+ is recommended).
  2. Install Google Chrome for providers with webdriver
Install using PyPI package:
pip install -U g4f[all]

How do I install only parts or do disable parts? Use partial requirements: /docs/requirements

Install from source:

How do I load the project using git and installing the project requirements? Read this tutorial and follow it step by step: /docs/git

Install using Docker:

How do I build and run composer image from source? Use docker-compose: /docs/docker

πŸ’‘ Usage

Text Generation

from g4f.client import Client

client = Client()
response =
    messages=[{"role": "user", "content": "Hello"}],
Hello! How can I assist you today?

Image Generation

from g4f.client import Client

client = Client()
response = client.images.generate(
  prompt="a white siamese cat",
image_url =[0].url

Image with cat

Full Documentation for Python API

Web UI

To start the web interface, type the following codes in python:

from g4f.gui import run_gui

or execute the following command:

python -m g4f.cli gui -port 8080 -debug

Interference API

You can use the Interference API to serve other OpenAI integrations with G4F.

See docs: /docs/interference

Access with: http://localhost:1337/v1



Cookies are essential for using Meta AI and Microsoft Designer to create images. Additionally, cookies are required for the Google Gemini and WhiteRabbitNeo Provider. From Bing, ensure you have the "_U" cookie, and from Google, all cookies starting with "__Secure-1PSID" are needed.

You can pass these cookies directly to the create function or set them using the set_cookies method before running G4F:

from g4f.cookies import set_cookies

set_cookies("", {
  "_U": "cookie value"

set_cookies("", {
  "__Secure-1PSID": "cookie value"

Using .har and Cookie Files

You can place .har and cookie files in the default ./har_and_cookies directory. To export a cookie file, use the EditThisCookie Extension available on the Chrome Web Store.

Creating .har Files to Capture Cookies

To capture cookies, you can also create .har files. For more details, refer to the next section.

Changing the Cookies Directory and Loading Cookie Files in Python

You can change the cookies directory and load cookie files in your Python environment. To set the cookies directory relative to your Python file, use the following code:

import os.path
from g4f.cookies import set_cookies_dir, read_cookie_files

import g4f.debug
g4f.debug.logging = True

cookies_dir = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "har_and_cookies")

Debug Mode

If you enable debug mode, you will see logs similar to the following:

Read .har file: ./har_and_cookies/
Cookies added: 10 from
Read cookie file: ./har_and_cookies/google.json
Cookies added: 16 from

.HAR File for OpenaiChat Provider

Generating a .HAR File

To utilize the OpenaiChat provider, a .har file is required from Follow the steps below to create a valid .har file:

  1. Navigate to using your preferred web browser and log in with your credentials.
  2. Access the Developer Tools in your browser. This can typically be done by right-clicking the page and selecting "Inspect," or by pressing F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I (Cmd+Option+I on a Mac).
  3. With the Developer Tools open, switch to the "Network" tab.
  4. Reload the website to capture the loading process within the Network tab.
  5. Initiate an action in the chat which can be captured in the .har file.
  6. Right-click any of the network activities listed and select "Save all as HAR with content" to export the .har file.
Storing the .HAR File
  • Place the exported .har file in the ./har_and_cookies directory if you are using Docker. Alternatively, you can store it in any preferred location within your current working directory.

Note: Ensure that your .har file is stored securely, as it may contain sensitive information.

Using Proxy

If you want to hide or change your IP address for the providers, you can set a proxy globally via an environment variable:

  • On macOS and Linux:
export G4F_PROXY="http://host:port"
  • On Windows:
set G4F_PROXY=http://host:port

πŸš€ Providers and Models


Website Provider GPT-3.5 GPT-4 Stream Status Auth g4f.Provider.Bing ❌ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptAi ❌ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Liaobots βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.OpenaiChat βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Active ❌+βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.Raycast βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Unknown βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.Theb βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.You βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ Active ❌

Best OpenSource Models

While we wait for gpt-5, here is a list of new models that are at least better than gpt-3.5-turbo. Some are better than gpt-4. Expect this list to grow.

Website Provider parameters better than
claude-3-opus g4f.Provider.You ?B gpt-4-0125-preview
command-r+ g4f.Provider.HuggingChat 104B gpt-4-0314
llama-3-70b g4f.Provider.Llama or DeepInfra 70B gpt-4-0314
claude-3-sonnet g4f.Provider.You ?B gpt-4-0314
reka-core g4f.Provider.Reka 21B gpt-4-vision
dbrx-instruct g4f.Provider.DeepInfra 132B / 36B active gpt-3.5-turbo
mixtral-8x22b g4f.Provider.DeepInfra 176B / 44b active gpt-3.5-turbo


Website Provider GPT-3.5 GPT-4 Stream Status Auth g4f.Provider.AItianhuSpace βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Aichatos βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatForAi βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Chatgpt4Online βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptNext βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptX βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Cnote βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.DuckDuckGo βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.Feedough βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.FlowGpt βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.FreeGpt βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.GptTalkRu βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Koala βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.MyShell βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.PerplexityAi βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Poe βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.TalkAi βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Vercel βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.AItianhu βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.Bestim βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatBase βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptDemo βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptDemoAi βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptFree βœ”οΈ ❌ ❌ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.ChatgptLogin βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.Chatxyz βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.Gpt6 βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.GptChatly βœ”οΈ ❌ ❌ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.GptForLove βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.GptGo βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.GptGod βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌ g4f.Provider.OnlineGpt βœ”οΈ ❌ βœ”οΈ Inactive ❌


Website Provider Stream Status Auth g4f.Provider.Aura βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Blackbox βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.Cohere βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.DeepInfra βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.FreeChatgpt βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Gemini βœ”οΈ Active βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.GeminiPro βœ”οΈ Active βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.GeminiProChat βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.GigaChat βœ”οΈ Unknown βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.Groq βœ”οΈ Active βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.HuggingChat βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.HuggingFace βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.Llama βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.MetaAI βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.OpenRouter βœ”οΈ Active βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.PerplexityLabs βœ”οΈ Active ❌ g4f.Provider.Pi βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.Replicate βœ”οΈ Unknown ❌ g4f.Provider.ThebApi βœ”οΈ Unknown βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.WhiteRabbitNeo βœ”οΈ Unknown βœ”οΈ g4f.Provider.Bard ❌ Inactive βœ”οΈ


Model Base Provider Provider Website
gpt-3.5-turbo OpenAI 8+ Providers
gpt-4 OpenAI 2+ Providers
gpt-4-turbo OpenAI g4f.Provider.Bing
Llama-2-7b-chat-hf Meta 2+ Providers
Llama-2-13b-chat-hf Meta 2+ Providers
Llama-2-70b-chat-hf Meta 3+ Providers
Meta-Llama-3-8b-instruct Meta 1+ Providers
Meta-Llama-3-70b-instruct Meta 2+ Providers
CodeLlama-34b-Instruct-hf Meta g4f.Provider.HuggingChat
CodeLlama-70b-Instruct-hf Meta 2+ Providers
Mixtral-8x7B-Instruct-v0.1 Huggingface 4+ Providers
Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.1 Huggingface 3+ Providers
Mistral-7B-Instruct-v0.2 Huggingface g4f.Provider.DeepInfra
zephyr-orpo-141b-A35b-v0.1 Huggingface 2+ Providers
dolphin-2.6-mixtral-8x7b Huggingface g4f.Provider.DeepInfra
gemini Google g4f.Provider.Gemini
gemini-pro Google 2+ Providers
claude-v2 Anthropic 1+ Providers
claude-3-opus Anthropic g4f.Provider.You
claude-3-sonnet Anthropic g4f.Provider.You
lzlv_70b_fp16_hf Huggingface g4f.Provider.DeepInfra
airoboros-70b Huggingface g4f.Provider.DeepInfra
openchat_3.5 Huggingface 2+ Providers
pi Inflection g4f.Provider.Pi

Image and Vision Models

Label Provider Image Model Vision Model Website
Microsoft Copilot in Bing g4f.Provider.Bing dall-e-3 gpt-4-vision
DeepInfra g4f.Provider.DeepInfra stability-ai/sdxl llava-1.5-7b-hf
Gemini g4f.Provider.Gemini βœ”οΈ βœ”οΈ
Gemini API g4f.Provider.GeminiPro ❌ gemini-1.5-pro
Meta AI g4f.Provider.MetaAI βœ”οΈ ❌
OpenAI ChatGPT g4f.Provider.OpenaiChat dall-e-3 gpt-4-vision
Reka g4f.Provider.Reka ❌ βœ”οΈ
Replicate g4f.Provider.Replicate stability-ai/sdxl llava-v1.6-34b g4f.Provider.You dall-e-3 βœ”οΈ

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🀝 Contribute

We welcome contributions from the community. Whether you're adding new providers or features, or simply fixing typos and making small improvements, your input is valued. Creating a pull request is all it takes – our co-pilot will handle the code review process. Once all changes have been addressed, we'll merge the pull request into the main branch and release the updates at a later time.

Guide: How do i create a new Provider?
Guide: How can AI help me with writing code?

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A list of all contributors is available here

Having input implies that the AI's code generation utilized it as one of many sources.

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