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SQL*Plus scripts
PLSQL SQLPL Perl JavaScript Other
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latest commit 7311bb1b01
@xtender authored
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12c snap
ash update
audit little changes
awr work copy
cursors Sync with work
dba Sync with work
events work ver.
externals/my Submodule externals/my/xt_shell 4791c93..2d631f3:
inc linesize
inmemory im_segs
jobs 2013/02/03
latches unnecessary files
lc add
locks work files
mytpt Work sync
plans diff_plans,diff standalone
plsql_traces Init commit
profiles work files
rc Additions
rtsm work copy
runstats comments
server z
set fix
stats work copy
templates temp
tops little fixes
transactions w ver.
troubles Init commit
utils 1.rec mask
xtables work copy
.gitignore little fixes
.gitmodules added externals: my xt_shell from github
advanced.sql Init commit
alias.sql Init commit
allstats_last.sql Init commit
ash.sql 2013/02/03
async_check.sql 2013/02/03
auxstats.sql +work
awr_plan.sql Init commit
awr_text.sql Init commit
binds.sql Fixes
calendar.sql little fixes
calendar2.sql Init commit
calibrate_io.sql 2013/02/03
cls.sql crossversioned clear screen
cols.sql 2013/02/03
compile_invalids.sql stats
cons.sql "--help" was added
crash.sql Init commit
create_vx$.sql Init commit
cur_schema.sql Init commit
curheaps.sql Home sync
datafiles.sql +work
db_obj_cache.sql Init commit
dba.sql little changes
dba2.sql little changes
dba_errors.sql +work
dbid.sql Init commit
ddl.sql Init commit
ddl_simple.sql +work
def.sql Init commit
deps.sql Work fixes
desc.sql work ver.
desc2.sql Init commit
df.sql 2013/02/03
diff_plans.sql Description was fixed.
dir.sql Init commit
dirs.sql Init commit
distinct_fast.sql little changes
distinct_fast_11.sql little changes
dump_seg_blocks.sql work copy
dynamic_sampling_used_for.sql +10g
env.sql Init commit
err_by_code.sql Init commit
exists.sql Init commit
expand_11.sql Merge branch 'master' of
expand_12.sql Synchronized with home version
feature_hierarchy.sql fh1
find_code.sql Sync with work
find_pin.sql Init commit
find_sql.sql work copy
find_sql_by_phv.sql little changes
fix_control.sql Synchronized with home version
fix_control_features.sql orderby
fix_enabled.sql plans
fixed_indexes.sql formatting
fk_to_table.sql work ver.
flush_all.sql Init commit
flush_cache.sql Init commit
flush_pool.sql Init commit
gen_completion_sys.sql Init commit
get_constraints.sql Init commit
get_ddl.sql Init commit
get_indexes.sql Init commit
get_indexes2.sql Init commit
get_indexes3.sql Init commit
get_triggers.sql Init commit
gplan.sql Init commit
gplan2.sql Init commit
gts.sql Init commit
gts_simple.sql +work
help.sql Init commit
hint.sql fixes
hinth.sql work copy
hinth2.sql incasesensitive
html_off.sql Init commit
html_on.sql Init commit
idn.sql fixed
if.sql Init commit
indexes.sql +work
indexes11.sql To filter
indexes_nonpart.sql Old indexes.sql
invalids.sql Fixes
iostat.sql Init commit
kill.sql Init commit
killall.sql new: killall, gather_schema
last.sql Init commit
last_plan.sql Init commit
last_plsql_trace.sql Init commit
last_sqls.sql Init commit
latchprofx.sql Init commit
length.sql little fixes
library_cache_troubles.sql fixed
list.sql Init commit
long_transactions.sql trx
longops.sql z
longops_by_sid.sql sql_shared_reason
mem_by_sid.sql +1
my_active.sql stats
my_plan.sql flavoured markdown
my_sessions.sql flavoured markdown
my_sid.sql Init commit
my_stats.sql fixes
my_waits.sql Sync with work
obj.sql Work fixes
obj_exists.sql Init commit
object_by_id.sql Init commit
oid.sql Init commit
open_cursors.sql z
opt_env.sql Init commit
opt_env_old.sql Init commit
opt_env_sess.sql optimizer env params by session
outline.sql Init commit
output_enable.sql Init commit
output_off.sql Init commit
output_on.sql Init commit
output_print.sql formatting
param.sql Additions
param_.sql test
params__nondefault.sql Little changes
params_nondefault.sql Little changes
ping.sql little fixes
plan.sql Init commit
plan_active.sql plans
plan_outline.sql Init commit
plans_active2.sql New sql beautifier
plsql_obj_settings.sql Init commit
print_last.sql Init commit
print_table.sql Latest fixes
proc.sql "--help" was added
psu_hist.sql Additions
pvalid.sql little fixes Init commit
pvalid_.sql fixes
px.sql sql_shared_reason update
schema.sql Init commit
seg.sql To filter
seg2.sql New beautifier(blancoSQLFormatter,…
seg_stat_by_name.sql Fixes
sess_memory.sql Init commit
sess_pga.sql Init commit
sessions.sql work copy
sessions_by_event.sql little fixes
sessions_rsrc.sql 2013/02/03
sessions_through_dblinks.sql trx renamed to transactions. added global_transactions/sessions_throu…
sga.sql little fixes
sga_ops.sql Init commit
sgastat.sql test
show_space.sql Sync with work
show_space2.sql Sync with work
show_space3.sql Sync with work
sid.sql z
signature_by_sqlid.sql w ver.
sinfo.sql Init commit
skip.sql Init commit
snapper.sql Init commit
snapper_all.sql new ver.
snapper_all1.sql Init commit
snapper_all_5.sql Init commit
snapper_hard_parses.sql Init commit
snapper_my.sql Init commit
snapper_obj.sql Init commit
snapper_parses.sql Init commit
snapper_reads.sql Init commit
snapper_sid.sql Init commit
snapper_sid1.sql Init commit
snapper_sid_obj.sql Fixes
snapper_sql_id.sql Init commit
sortarea.sql Init commit
source.sql Init commit
spid.sql Init commit
spool.sql Init commit
spool_html.sql Init commit
spool_open.sql Init commit
sql_by_obj_id.sql Little fixes
sql_by_plan_hv.sql work files
sql_by_profile.sql work files
sql_by_signature.sql w ver.
sql_execs.sql Init commit
sql_id.sql Little fixes
sql_mon.sql Init commit
sql_monitor.sql Init commit
sql_plan.sql Init commit
sql_plsql_obj.sql w ver.
sql_shared.sql update+reasons
sql_shared_10.sql work ver.
sql_shared_c.sql little changes
sql_shared_old.sql update+reasons
sql_shared_reasons.sql sql_shared_reason
sql_shared_top.sql little changes
sql_shared_top.sql.bak little changes
sql_shared_top2.sql little changes
sql_shared_top2.sql.bak little changes
sql_shared_top_xml.sql little changes
sql_shared_top_xml2.sql little changes
sql_stat.sql adopted for sql patches
sql_text.sql little fixes
sql_textf.sql x
sql_textu.sql +1
sqlerrm.sql Init commit
sqlid.sql Init commit
sqlid_f.sql Init commit
sqlid_sessions_cursors.sql Init commit
sqlids.sql Work
sqlplus_restore.sql Init commit
sqlplus_store.sql Init commit
sqltext_by_id.sql Init commit
src.sql work files
src_view.sql little changes
sta.sql Init commit
stats.sql +work
switch.sql Init commit
sysparam.sql test
sysplan.sql Init commit
sysstat.sql Formatting fixes
t.sql Init commit
tab_desc.sql Init commit
tab_modifications.sql Latest fixes
tab_parts.sql update
tablespaces.sql Fixed bug with dbms_sqltune.
temp_usage.sql Latest fixes
text.sql Init commit
text_out.sql Sync with work
textu.sql Init commit
textu2.sql +work
top_event_p1.sql Work sync
trace53_off.sql Init commit
trace53_on.sql Init commit
trace_any.sql Init commit
trace_any10_off.sql changed filenames
trace_any10_on.sql changed filenames
trace_any_off.sql Init commit
trace_events.sql work files
trace_off.sql Init commit
trace_on.sql Synchronized with home version
trace_pl_last.sql Synchronized with home version
trace_pl_off.sql Synchronized with home version
trace_pl_on.sql Synchronized with home version
trace_plsql_off.sql temp
trace_plsql_on.sql temp
trace_plsql_own_off.sql Init commit
trace_plsql_own_on.sql Init commit
trace_plsql_stop.sql temp
trace_sort_off.sql Init commit
trace_sort_on.sql Init commit
trace_sortio_on.sql Fix of dba_newdensity
trace_sql_id_sid.sql add
triggers_on_table.sql 2013/02/03
undo_used.sql little fixes
unindexed_by_table.sql fixes
unindexed_in_table.sql Work
unindexed_since.sql fixes
unindexed_since_create.sql fixes
unindexed_since_old.sql fixes
user.sql Init commit
user_id.sql plans
user_privs.sql Home sync
v$bh.sql Init commit
v$mystat.sql Init commit
valid.sql Little fixes
ver.sql Init commit
version_rpt.sql Init commit
vparam_.sql test
vparameter.sql Init commit
waithistory.sql fix
waits.sql Sync with work
warn_off.sql Init commit
warn_on.sql Init commit
warnings_on.sql Init commit
when.sql Init commit
which_obj.sql Init commit
xparam_.sql Init commit
xparam_by_value.sql merge
xplan.sql Sync with work
xplan2.sql Init commit
xplan_alias.sql Init commit
xplan_by_cursor.sql Init commit
xplan_outline.sql Init commit
xvalid_.sql fixes
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