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set termout off
set echo off
set timing off
set tab off
set ver off
set pagesize 999
set lin 1500
set long 10000000
set longchunksize 10000000
set sqlblan on
set trim on
set trimspool on
set editfile "afiedt.sql"
-- windows: @inc/on_login_win
-- DEFINE _EDITOR ="c:\Program Files\SciTE\SciTE.exe"
-- DEFINE _TEMPDIR ="c:/temp/sqlplus-tmp/"
-- DEFINE _SPOOLS ="c:/temp/spools/"
-- DEFINE _START ="start"
-- *nix: @inc/on_login_nix
-- DEFINE _EDITOR ="/usr/bin/mcedit"
-- DEFINE _TEMPDIR ="/tmp/sqlplus/tmp/"
-- DEFINE _SPOOLS ="/tmp/sqlplus/spools/"
-- DEFINE _START ="open"
-- Set default format for usual columns
col owner format a20
col object_name format a30
-- Load information about version and session
alter session set nls_numeric_characters =q'[.`]';
alter session set nls_date_format ='yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ss';
alter session set nls_time_format ='hh24:mi:ssxff';
alter session set nls_time_tz_format ='hh24:mi:ssxff TZR';
alter session set nls_timestamp_format ='yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ssxff';
alter session set nls_timestamp_tz_format ='yyyy-mm-dd hh24:mi:ssxff TZR';
set sqlprompt "SQL> "
def x=inc/comment_on
col x new_value x noprint
select 'inc/null' x from dual;
prompt Show connect info and set sqlprompt
set termout on
@inc/title "&db_name / &my_user / &db_host_name SID=&my_sid SERIAL#=&my_serial SPID=&my_spid IS_DBA=&my_is_dba / INST_ID = &DB_INST_ID / DB_VERSION = &DB_VERSION"
-- set sqlprompt "[ _USER'@'_CONNECT_IDENTIFIER _PRIVILEGE] >> "
-- set sqlprompt "[ &my_user@&db_name ] >> "
PROMPT ======================================================================
PROMPT ======= Connected to &my_user@&db_name(&db_host_name)
PROMPT ======= SID &my_sid
PROMPT ======= SERIAL# &my_serial
PROMPT ======= SPID &my_spid
REM prompt ======= DB_ID &DB_ID
REM prompt ======= DB_NAME &DB_NAME / &DB_EDITION
REM prompt ======= DB_INST_ID &DB_INST_ID
PROMPT ======================================================================
/* end_if */
--set timing on
--set serveroutput on
col x clear;
set termout on