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prompt Enter filters(empty for any)...
accept _sid prompt "Sid : ";
accept _globalid prompt "Globalid mask : ";
accept _remote_db prompt "Coordinator DB_NAME mask: ";
col coordinator_db_name for a30 heading "Global coordinator";
--col remote_dbid_reversed for a10;
col trans_id for a16;
col direction for a11;
col globalid for a80;
col globalid_ora for a40 noprint;
col branchid for a80 noprint;
col branches noprint;
col refcount noprint;
col preparecount noprint;
col flags noprint;
col formatid noprint;
col state for a40;
col coupling for a15;
col username for a30;
col event for a35;
col wait_class for a10;
with v$xt_global_transaction as (
g.inst_id as inst_id
,g.k2gtdses as saddr
,regexp_replace(g.k2gtitid_ora,'^(.*)\.(\w+)\.(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)$','\1') as coordinator_db_name
-- ,regexp_replace(g.k2gtitid_ora,'^(.*)\.(\w+)\.(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)$','\2') as remote_dbid_reversed
,to_number(hextoraw(reverse(regexp_replace(g.k2gtitid_ora,'^(.*)\.(\w+)\.(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)$','\2'))),'XXXXXXXXXXXX') as coordinator_dbid
,regexp_replace(g.k2gtitid_ora,'^(.*)\.(\w+)\.(\d+\.\d+\.\d+)$','\3') as trans_id
,nvl2(replace(g.k2gtibid,'0'),'FROM REMOTE','TO REMOTE') as direction
,g.k2gtitid_ext /* utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(k2gtitid_ext) = g.k2gtitid_ora */ as globalid
,g.k2gtitid_ora /* utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(k2gtitid_ext) = g.k2gtitid_ora */ as globalid_ora
,g.k2gtibid as branchid
,g.k2gtecnt as branches
,g.k2gterct as refcount
,g.k2gtdpct as preparecount
,g.k2gtifmt as formatid
, decode(bitand(g.k2gtdflg, 512) , 512 ,'[ORACLE COORDINATED]')
||decode(bitand(g.k2gtdflg,1024) ,1024 ,'[MULTINODE]')
||decode(bitand(g.k2gtdflg, 511)
,0 ,'ACTIVE'
,4 ,'FAILED'
) as state
,g.k2gtdflg as flags
,0 ,'FREE'
,2 ,'TIGHTLY COUPLED') as coupling
from x$k2gte2 g
,x$ktcxb t
,x$ksuse s
where g.k2gtdxcb = t.ktcxbxba
and g.k2gtdses = t.ktcxbses
and s.addr = g.k2gtdses
-- ,tr.saddr
-- ,tr.remote_dbid_reversed
from v$xt_global_transaction tr
,v$session s
where tr.saddr=s.saddr
and ('&_sid' is null or s.sid='&_sid')
and ('&_globalid' is null or tr.globalid like '&_globalid')
and ('&_remote_db' is null or tr.coordinator_db_name like '&_remote_db')
col coordinator_db_name clear;
--col remote_dbid_reversed clear;
col trans_id clear;
col direction clear;
col globalid clear;
col globalid_ora clear;
col branchid clear;
col state clear;
col coupling clear;
col username clear;
col event clear;
col wait_class clear;
undef _sid ;
undef _globalid ;
undef _remote_db ;