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Release your Haskell project into the wild. wild is a simple Haskell script to help release Haskell projects.

  • Current version: 0.1.0
  • Portability: POSIX (tested on GNU/Linux. Should work on other POSIX platforms too)

wild build: Build

This command simply runs the following commands:

  • stack install
  • strip --strip-all --remove-section=.comment --remove-section=.note for the executables that has been put under ~/.local/bin by stack install
  • upx -9 for those executables

In other words, strip and upx need to be in your $PATH.

wild bump: Version bump

This command reads, updates the version string in <project>.cabal and, then lets you commit those changes.

It assumes you have just added a new version description in, where the lines that start with ## (level 2 heading) will be fetched to get the version strings, and the latest two of them will be used to update the version string in <project>.cabal and Then the Git commit message editor will be run, with the -v option to show the diff. To cancel committing, you should abnormally exit the editor (In Vim's case, it's :cq).

wild github: GitHub release

This command creates a new GitHub release draft and uploads the executables as its assets. The name of the release is v prepended to the latest version string in

The project repository must have wild.json file to use this command. If it doesn't exist, wild github creates one with the defaults.

Edit wild.json:

  • "owner": The GitHub project owner.
  • "repo": The GitHub repo name.
  • "tokenPath": The path to the file which contains the GitHub token.

If you don't have a GitHub token, go to GitHub's Personal settingsPersonal access tokensGenerate new token to get one. Then

echo -n "1234abcd..." > ~/.github.token

to save it locally, and set "tokenPath" in wild.json to ~/.github.token. (Preferably, set chmod 400 ~/.github.token as well.)