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encoreutils README

What is this?

encoreutils. This is more utility of GNU coreutils.


I want more utility of coreutils. E.g. elegant move and unlink, wise formatter, CLI colorizer, and so on.

In almost POSIX environment, Perl (command line perl) is installed already. We are cheered perl flexibility on many POSIX server operation. And I like Perl.

Because I write some additional encourage coreutils utility by Perl.

I name the utilities group encoreutils (en(-courage) + coreutils).

Almost encoreutils scripts are written by Perl, Moreover they require perl-5.8 or perl-5.10 at least version without any non-core CPAN modules (perl-5.x core modules only!) for strict portability.


  • gentle_unlink : gentle unlink (remove / rm).
  • colorsyslog : sysylog coloring.