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An Xtext Language Built with Maven

A small example to show how to configure a Maven build for an Xtext language and how to use it from Maven and Gradle.

Language Build

If you use Xtext 2.9 or higher, the Maven build for your language is auto-generated. Just skip ahead to the usage section.

  • see my.mavenized.herolanguage.* projects
  • Language plug-ins, updatesite and Eclipse feature built via Maven/Tycho
  • Xtext Code Generation (Language infrastructure generated from grammar)
  • Xtend Code Generation

Language Usage

  • example-project
  • example-project-gradle
  • Example Language (herolanguage) Code Generation
  • Xtend Code Generation

Try it out!


1. Increase memory

   export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx512m"

2. Build the language

 mvn clean install

3. Build the example projects

 cd ../example-project/
 mvn clean install
 cd ../example-project-gradle/
 ./gradlew build


We now have automatic builds:

Maven Archetype

There is also a Maven Archetype available that automatically creates your new project based on this example:

Known Issues

1. Build fails due to version conflicts

The build will fail immediately because of version conflicts. A possible error might look similar to the following:

  • No versions available for org.eclipse.emf:org.eclipse.emf.mwe2.runtime:jar:[] within specified range

Even if the specified version (see pom) is available on the central maven repository, updating related snapshots will most likely help the problem.

  • mvn clean install -U


An Xtext language and example usage of it built with Maven






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