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Vim Xtext

Generates a vim plugin from a given xtext language giving

  • validation
  • code completion
  • code formatting
  • (basic) syntax highlighting


Edit the mwe2 file for your language to include a segment like this:

fragment = GenerateVim {
  absolutePath = '/Users/scott/vim_xtext/'
  override = true

and then add the GenerateVim.xtend file from this repo alongside your mwe2 generator file.

One step that needs to be done manually (for now) is chmod'ing the 3 ruby files that get generated so they can be run with the vim system call.

Simply cd to the directory where you generated your plugin to and then run chmod +x *.rb

Now add this folder as a vim plugin via your plugin manager.

Common plugin managers are:

  • Vundle
  • Pathogen
  • Plug

For instructions on adding a local directory as a vim plugin, see your plugin manager's documentation.

For Plug you'd add something like this to your ~/.vimrc

Plug '~/code/FOA/vim-statemachine'

What it does


This generates you a vim plugin that will setup a compiler allowing you access to :make and quickfix (:help quickfix). In addition, if you have syntastic installed then it will also show you errors inline as you edit your file (activated on file save.)


This gives you the capability to get intellisense style suggestions at any point with the standard omnifunc completion (:help complete).

Activate it at any point by hitting ctrl-x ctrl-o (ctrl + x followed quickly by ctrl-o) and you'll get a list of suggestions to choose from.


This sets both the indentprg and formatprg to a code formatter, so you can use either the = key or the code formatting (<motion>q) hotkeys.


Here is an example output of the directory tree it will generate:

      1 .
      2 ├── autoload
      3 │   └── MyDsl.vim
      4 ├── compiler
      5 │   └── MyDsl.vim
      6 ├── ftdetect
      7 │   └── ftaccess.vim
      8 ├── ftplugin
      9 │   └── MyDsl.vim
     10 ├── syntax
     11 │   └── MyDsl.vim
     12 ├── syntax_checkers
     13 │   └── MyDsl
     14 │       └── MyDsl.vim
     15 ├── completer.rb
     16 ├── formatter.rb
     17 └── validator.rb
     19 7 directories, 9 files


Currently this has a dependency on ruby and a modern version of vim (7.x should be fine, tested on 7.4.x)

It also requires the xtext web integration server to be running.

./gradlew jettyRun


There is a syntax highlighting file generated, but its not complete. More investigation needs to be done in how to link the vim syntax groups with the current xtext language's syntax groups.