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NexT For Hugo

A Hugo theme forked from NexT.


NexT is a simple and animated theme. I transplanted it from Hexo to Hugo and used in my blog site.

Preview online


  1. download theme file: git clone next

  2. copy next directory to themes directory in your hugo site

  3. move config.toml to the root directory in your hugo site, and modify it to the actual information for your site.

  4. create some markdown files in directory(content/post), like

  5. start hugo server in root directory: hugo server

  6. open brower: http://localhost:1313/


  • Some of the Hexo's styles are not work now because of the difference between the Hugo template engine and the Hexo. I will update it constantly

  • This theme has been tested only in my blog site. Maybe it's not suitable for your requirements, you can customizate it by your preferences.

  • Test in Hugo verion: 0.38

  • If you have any questions, please give feedback

Markdown notes

  1. every markdown start with like this:

    title: "xxxxxxx"
    date: "2018-06-02"
    - "技术"
    - "Rust"
    - "Programing"
    toc: true
  2. add <!--more--> tag in your markdown for manual summary splitting .


  • Sidebar menu
  • Sidebar links
  • Auto toc display
  • Support i18n
  • Local Search
  • Syntax Highlighter (thanks to xulz)


The MIT License.