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+# 0.6.0 / 2013-03-10
+* [changed] `Connection: keep-alive` header is no longer passed by default.
+* [changed] A Stream is now returned by all API methods if no callback is passed.
+* [changed] The full `options` object is now passed to [request]( Fixes #3.
+* [changed] The full response object is passed as the third parameter of the callback.
+* [changed] `ladder` has been renamed to `arenaLadder`.
+* [added] Achievement endpoint: `achievement`
+* [added] Battle pet endpoints: `battlePetAbility`, `battlePetSpecies`, `battlePetStats`
+* [added] Challenge mode endpoints: `challenge`, `challengeRegion`
+* [added] Item set endpoint: `itemSet`
+* [added] Rated BG endpoint: `rbgLadder`
+* [added] Spell endpoint: `spell`
+* [removed] `auctionData`
+* [removed] Wowhead fallback support
+* [fixed] `encodeUri` now performed on path before creating authentication header. Fixes #6.
+* [fixed] Date header now passed when performing authentication. Fixes #7.

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