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Lint tool for SCSS files
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scss-lint is a tool to help keep your SCSS files clean and readable. You can run it manually from the command-line, or integrate it into your SCM hooks. It uses rules established by the team at


  • Ruby 1.9+
  • Sass 3 (files you wish to lint must be written in Sass 3 syntax)


gem install scss-lint


Run scss-lint from the command-line by passing in a directory (or multiple directories) to recursively scan:

scss-lint app/assets/stylesheets/

You can also specify a list of files explicitly:

scss-lint app/assets/stylesheets/**/*.css.scss

scss-lint will output any problems with your SCSS, including the offending filename and line number (if available).

What gets linted

scss-lint is an opinionated tool that helps you enforce a consistent style in your SCSS. As an opinionated tool, we've had to make calls about what we think are the "best" style conventions, even when there are often reasonable arguments for more than one possible style. While all of our choices have a rational basis, we think that the opinions themselves are less important than the fact that scss-lint provides us with an automated and low-cost means of enforcing consistency.

To get a sense of what lints exist, check out the spec suite.

The lints include:

  • use border: 0 not border: none
  • use unit-less dimensions for 0-length quantities; ie. margin: 0, not margin: 0px
  • use $foo-bar, not $FooBar or $foo_bar
  • use #foo, not a#foo
  • keep your rules in order, with mix-ins at the top
  • use one selector per line
  • use the shortest shorthand possible; ie. padding: 0, not padding: 0 0
  • use consistent spacing between property names and property values
  • use short-form lowercase hex codes when possible; ie. #fc0, not #FFCC00
  • exclude empty rules


We love getting feedback with or without pull requests. If you do add a new feature, please add tests so that we can avoid breaking it in the future.

Speaking of tests, we use rspec, which can be run like so:

bundle exec rspec

See also

If you'd like to integrate scss-lint with Git, check out our Git hook gem, overcommit.


This project is released under the MIT license.

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