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The bleeding edge version of XTK is monitored using a dashboard system showing status, errors and warnings during building and testing. Several machines are set up to build the X toolkit on regular basis, f.e. once every hour or at night.

The underlying dashboard software is CDash and is running at http://cdash.goXTK.com.

An easy and also very appreciated way of contributing to XTK's development is to set up experimental or nightly builds. These builds communicate with the dashboard.


XTK uses the XBUILD system.

  # cd X/utils

To generate dependencies (for development):

  # ./deps.py

To build:

  # ./build.py 

To test:

  # ./test.py

To submit the testing results:

  # ./upload.py

Automatic Builds/Testing

There are the scripts available for continuous integration. The best is to run them as cronjobs.

Continuous should run every 10 minutes to build the latest master branch and submit to the Dashboard.

  # X/utils/scripts/continuous.sh

Experimental should run on request by a developer.

  # X/utils/scripts/experimental.sh

Nightly should run once a night to build the latest master branch and submit to the Dashboard.

  # X/utils/scripts/nightly.sh

Nightly Dev Test should run once a night to run unit and visual tests of the latest master branch.

  # X/utils/scripts/nightly-dev-test.sh