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haehn edited this page Sep 7, 2012 · 2 revisions

This is a list of problems we'd like to solve or features we'd like to see in the X Toolkit. Please feel free to add your ideas..

  • better API documentation
  • more graphics/diagrams showing the XTK principles
  • the automatically generated object tree as a DOM element to toggle visibility, change opacity, show the caption and change colors of all X.objects.. the tree structure is already there - just frontend work (dat.gui clips in perfectly so this is up to the user)
  • local transforms instead of global transforms, meaning transforms which rotate objects around their own axis rather than the world axis
  • fix transparency / depth testing issue (object ordering??)
  • textures for spheres and cylinders
  • freesurfer mesh (mri surface) file support
  • full-blown dicom support including .nrrd/.mgz file readers and volume rendering
  • support images in general (png stacks, mha, mhd, tiff 3d)
  • glyph support (list of centers + 1 shape = 1 object)
  • might be issues in the lighting
  • re-factoring of the build system which is not in the cleanest state right now
  • more and more testing!!!
  • plugin mechanism to keep the core library slim (gui?)
  • a framework for 3D widgets (f.e. plane widget with window/level support, box widget, orientation widget..). There was some work on the orientation widget (see
  • a framework for 2D widgets as div overlays on top of the renderer (like histogram etc.)
  • 3D Slicer 3 and 4 extension to export the current scene to XTK
  • deal with opacity issues -> no opacity support yet?