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This page shows a list of publications regarding XTK.

Main Publications

  • Hähn D, Rannou N, Ahtam B, Grant PE, Pienaar R: Neuroimaging in the Browser using the X Toolkit. Front. Neuroinform. Conference Abstract: 5th INCF Congress of Neuroinformatics., 2014. Abstract and Poster.
  • Hähn D, Rannou N, Pienaar R: WebGL for Baby Brains: Neuroimaging in the Browser. WebGL Camp Orlando, March 2012. Video.

Related Project Publications (using XTK)

  • Hähn D, Rannou N, Grant PE, Pienaar R: Slice:Drop. IEEE VisWeek, SciVis Poster Session, September 2012. Poster.
  • Klein A, Nichols N, Hähn D: Mindboggle 2 interface: online visualization of extracted brain features with XTK. NeuroInformatics 2012, September 2012. Abstract and Poster.
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