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A simple and lightweight Leaflet plugin to apply CSS filters on map tiles.
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A simple and lightweight Leaflet plugin to apply CSS color filter on map tiles.





npm install --save leaflet.tilelayer.colorfilter


bower install leaflet.tilelayer.colorfilter

Or download a release from the repository.

Basic Usage

To use this plugin, just import leaflet-tilelayer-colorfilter.min.js after leaflet.js, for example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="leaflet.css" />
<script src="leaflet.js"></script>
<script src="leaflet-tilelayer-colorfilter.min.js"></script>

Setting up the map with L.tileLayer.colorFilter:

let map ='map').setView([51.505, -0.09], 14);

let myFilter = [

let myTileLayer = L.tileLayer.colorFilter('{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
    attribution: '<a href="">Wikimedia</a>',
    filter: myFilter,

A minimal complete example can be found in example folder. The min version also supports older browsers (ES5).


L.tileLayer.colorFilter(url, options)

The L.tileLayer.colorFilter is a simple extension of the original L.tileLayer that includes a new option filter inside options parameter.

filter accepts an array of string filters with the following format:

Filter Aliases Description Example Default
Blur blur Applies a Gaussian blur filtering measured in pixels ['blur:2px'] 0px
Brightness brightness, bright, bri Controls the brightness of tile image ['brightness:150%'] 100%
Contrast contrast, con Changes the color contrast of tiles ['contrast:150%'] 100%
Grayscale grayscale, gray Changes the color of tiles to a grayscale ['grayscale:100%'] 0%
Hue-Rotate hue-rotate, hue-rotation, hue Applies a hue rotation in degrees on tile colors ['hue:180deg'] 0deg
Opacity opacity, op Defines the opacity of the tiles ['opacity:60%'] 100%
Invert invert, inv Invert the tile colors ['invert:100%'] 0%
Saturate saturate, saturation, sat Saturates the tile colors ['saturate:150%'] 100%
Sepia sepia, sep Converts the tile colors to sepia ['sepia:0%'] 0%

For CSS Filter Browser Compatibility please, refer to Browser Compatibility.


On the fly changes on filter is supported with the updateFilter function (demo):

let map ='map').setView([51.505, -0.09], 14);

let oldFilter = [

let myTileLayer = L.tileLayer.colorFilter('{z}/{x}/{y}.png', {
    attribution: '<a href="">Wikimedia</a>',
    filter: oldFilter,

myTileLayer.updateFilter(['brightness:110%', 'hue:90deg', 'saturate:120%']);

Useful Tips

The following settings is enough to make most of the light maps to become dark:

let myFilter = [


To keep water and street colors, a hue rotation around 180deg is very helpful to correct the color inversion:

let myFilter = [


Light maps may also look good:

let myFilter = [


The filter order matters:

let leftColoFilter = [

let rightColorFilter = [


MIT License

This project is licensed under the MIT License. (c) 2018, Cláudio T. Kawakani.



  • v1.2.5: great performance improvement. Very noticeable in mobile.


  • Added the new function updateFilter, thanks to AndreasSchmid1 request.
  • Now it is possible to start the colorFilter without the filter parameter.
  • Package added to NPM and Bower.



  • Plugin renamed to Leaflet.TileLayer.ColorFilter.


  • Changed from object to array of strings, because the filter order matters. Moreover, the same filter can be used more than once.


  • Plugin created.
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