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= Interfacer
Interfacer should be mixed into objects that need to behave in a few
differnt ways based on what it is interacting with.
=== Example
class ITest
include Interfacer
with_interface(:foo) do
def my_method
"called for foo"
def my_method
"called globally"
i =
i.my_method #=> "called globally"
i.with_interface(:foo) do
i.my_method #=> "called for foo"
i.my_method #=> "called globally"
=== Why
If you have a class that does an expensive data load or computation, and
it should publish to many consumers with different formats, you could have
a method `export` that is by default CSV, but could have interface overrides
for YAML, Marshal, ActiveRecord, &c., for example.
=== Testing
Make sure you have the gem test/spec installed and
$ ruby test/interfacer.rb