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HDMI-CEC driver for Xtreamer and other RTD1283 based Linux devices
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                     *** RTD 1283 Linux HDMI-CEC driver ***


This is a modified version of the 2.6.12 kernel HDMI-CEC driver from Realtek
for use with cecd and other HDMI-CEC Linux utilities and libraries.

It aims at adding the following enhancements:
* interruptible read
* timeouts on R/W operations
* HDMI-CEC wakeup

Getting the source:

* From git:
  git clone git://


You must have the sources for an RTD 1073/1283 Linux kernel available, as well
as a MIPS compilation toolchain. You can find a fedora VMWare image with such
a toolchain, as well as an RTD1283 kernel source (for Xtreamer devices) at: 

Edit KERNELDIR in the Makefile to point to your kernel source and run 'make'


Copy cec-dev.ko to your Realtek system, and run:
   insmod cec-dev.ko
This should create the /dev/cec/0 HDMI-CEC device


Currently, if you rmmod the module and run insmod again, the /dev/cec/0 target
will not be created the second time around.
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